Vista Tech provides state-of-the-art IT solutions to our customers. One example is EMS-NG-E, an IT based tracking system that will save the Army $133M annually when fully implemented. Additionally, Vista Tech provides logistical support to various customers at the Rock Island Arsenal.


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Rock Island Logistical Support

Logistical IT

Electronic Maintenance Systems-Next Generation-Enhanced (EMS-NG-E): Vista Tech is the prime contractor for EMS-NG-E. The purpose of this system is to automate many of the mostly manual documentation processes that are used in an Army equipment maintenance activity. EMS-NG-E will not replace any electronic maintenance management systems currently deployed, but will be used for the electronic documentation of the results of equipment inspections (description of repairs needed, repair parts required, estimated man hours required to complete the repairs, additional notes, etc.). This documentation is currently completed via paper and pencil and then manually entered into the activity’s maintenance management system. Under the EMS-NG-E concept of operations, each mechanic will be provided a computerized tablet or laptop when conducting technical inspections. EMS-NG-E will be loaded on this device and incorporates the use of an automated inspection checklist and an electronic technical manual, and provides the maintenance mechanic with a “shopping cart” of parts to choose from to repair the item of equipment. The system is planned to include an automated interface with the standard maintenance management systems used by the Army thus precluding the typing of the data from the currently handwritten inspection form. A Cost Benefit Analysis is in process for this system and preliminary analysis indicates that EMS-NG-E will provide an annual gross savings of $133 million per year, $2.7 billion over a 20 year life cycle, when fully developed and fielded at the maintenance sites within the Army Sustainment Command (ASC). Future expansion of the system to other Army and potentially Marine Corps equipment maintenance locations would further increase the savings.

Rock Island Arsenal Logistical Support


Vista Tech provides support to The Joint Munitions Command (JMC) and the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) by providing employees to the Hand Receipt and Loan Pool Teams. The teams are responsible for maintaining 100% accountability of all equipment including the preparation of all transfer documents (DA3161), verifying the accuracy of the annual inventory and resolving any discrepancies on hand receipts, as well as issuing loan pool equipment, associated passes, and maintaining 100% accountability of all equipment in the loan pool.


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