Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)

What is an ANC?

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1972 offered an alternative to the Indian reservation system in the Lower 48. When ANCSA was signed into law on December 18, 1971, it required each of the 12 newly formed regions to create a for-profit corporation. These Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) are wholly owned by Native Alaskan shareholders. The ANCs, and their respective subsidiaries, are certified as socially and economically disadvantaged business entities and, as such, are afforded special considerations under the Small Business Act and the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR).

Advantages of an ANC

Special Privileges Granted to ANCs by SBA and FAR:

Traditional 8(a) sole source limitations do not apply to ANC 8(a) contractors. They can be awarded a sole source contract up to $20M without a J&A (Ref: 134 CFR 124, 123, 311 (b), FAR 19.805-1), Federal Register: March 16, 2011 (Vol 76, No. 51, Pgs 14559-14562), Federal Register: April 18, 2012 (Vol 77, No. 75, Pgs 23369-23370).

Unique Advantages:
  • Can Speed Contract Award (30-60 Days)
  • Reduces Stress On Customer Resources
  • Avoids Turmoil For Contract Employees
  • Larger Contracts Yield A More Stable Workforce
  • Awards Are Not Subject To Protest (per 13 C.F.R 124.517 (a)

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